Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McDonald's Corp. Unveils Gift Card

I Found this $250 Gift Card to Mcdonald's See the link on the bottom to get yours!

McDonald's Corp. has introduced a new gift card, a pre-paid card that gives consumers a new gift giving and shopping option. Consumers can load the cards with funds of $5, $10, $25 and $50. The gift cards can be purchased in-store or through drive-through windows in three markets: Bakersfield, CA, Kansas City, MO, and in Western Washington. The company plans to offer the gift cards in other markets this year.

In addition, consumers can personalize each card and select from four designs featuring images of French fries, a Big Mac, a packaged gift and Ronald McDonald.

"McDonald's gift cards provide our customers with a convenient way to share the McDonald's experience with friends and family and make holiday and special occasion gift shopping easy," said McDonald's USA spokesperson Bill Whitman. "As McDonald's USA continues to innovate product and service offerings to enhance our customers' experience at our restaurants, McDonald's gift cards and cashless payment options are just a couple of examples of providing our valued customers with new conveniences and exciting new choices."

Get Your $250 Mcdonalds Gift Card Here

Source Link By Amy Johannes

Free $500 Gift Card to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse?

Here is my first of many "free offers" I will review related to Food & Drink

Now who doesn't love a good Steak? I recently went to Ruth's Chris steakhouse for my birthday with my family. It's somewhere I try to go as often as I can, but it always seems to get a little pricey. So later that night I spent some time doing some research online that allows me to go there a little more often. This is what I've found.
I will examine this offer under the following criteria

1. How/Where can it be found?
I went ahead and did a search on google for Ruth's Chris and came across this link I found it through a listing of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse . You may find this same listing on the right side of the page using Ruth's Chris.
2. What company offers this deal? After doing some research I found out that the company is called World Avenue. Apparently, they offer other products for free. At this point, I became a little skeptical. But I wanted to find out what this was about.
3. What is required to receive this- in terms of effort and cost?
You’ll need to have basic mailing information (name, address, email etc.), anywhere from 35 minutes to 2 hours to spend reviewing and signing up for low cost offers, a secure internet connection (I’m assuming you have one if you’re reading this), $0 if you use the Refer-A-Friend option (we’ll get to that later).

4. My personal experience with this offer?
I went through the offer path slowly to document my experience for you. After a few short survey questions I got to the sponsored offers page. Here is where you can choose to sign up for trial offers and subscriptions such as 30-day Netflix or Blockbuster memberships (which some of you probably want to get anyway). You also have the option to use Refer-A-Friend to receive any of World Avenue’s offers without paying any cost. Which I felt was a great deal. I cant wait to recieve my gift card to Ruth's Chris so I go again. I wil update you once i receive it!!!